To be eligible for consideration for accreditation, any coin, currency, trading card, or comic book dealer, auction house/gallery or entity must satisfy the following minimum requirements.


1.     It shall be a dealer, grading company or auction house that conducts transactions related to coins, currency, trading cards or comic books on line and with the public on a daily basis.


 2.     It shall be legally organized; be licensed by (1) the appropriate local officials for selling grading or auctioning of coins currency, trading cards or comic books.  (2) the appropriate state agency for authorizing the conduct of business in that state for non institutional entities; and has offered its services to general public for at least one year immediately prior to consideration of the application by USPI.

3.     Its mission shall be to offer an honest and professional entity when dealing with the consumer on a consistent basis and while acting professional when dealing with their fellow dealers, auction house and gallery and/ or grading companies.


4.     Its mission should be to safe guard and keep the property of the public from being switched during grading or appraisal by having the proper safe guards in place in accordance with the high standards of USPI. Its mission should be to preserve and take every precaution required to protect the property of others placed in their care to assure quality and safe control


5.     It shall have a sufficient number of employees with expertise that relates to the specialty services that the rare coin, currency, trading card or comic book dealer specializes in on a daily basis.


6.   It shall be in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, and a good standing member or life time member of the American Numismatic Association (ANA).


7.    It shall be organized as a corporation, as a limited partnership with corporate general partner, or as a limited liability company.


8.    Its evaluation for accreditation shall be authorized by the chief executive officer.


9.    Its owner or managers shall not have been debarred by USPI or have been convicted of a felony that would have an adverse effect on the integrity of the business owner. i.e. fraud, financial crimes etc.  For further clarification please contact us.












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